Hi everyone,

Today I will be doing a what's in my bag and showing you my essentials that I take everywhere with me. Hope you enjoy reading!


headphones, iphone, and gold image flowers, music, and earphones image
I listen to music daily so I can't go anywhere without these


iphone, nails, and luxury image fashion, pink, and style image
To keep my money and cards in

Hand Cream

beauty, hand, and nails image background, cool, and cream image
Always have this with me


food, fruit, and healthy image food, chocolate, and white image
In case I get hungry


water, pink, and drink image water, pale, and white image
Stay hydrated


book, nails, and rings image iphone, magazine, and apple image
Something to read


iphone, travel, and sky image iphone, nails, and rose gold image
Must have


makeup, make up, and cosmetics image makeup, pink, and too faced image
To check my makeup and hair

Lip balm

beautiful, beauty, and cocoa image lips image
I hate having dry lips

All my love,

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