My favorite part of the summer is having time to read, but sometimes books can take up a lot of space and weight when you're traveling and e-books aren't really cheap so here's three wattpad books/series worth reading:

Storm and silence

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Storm and silence is a series still in process. The books are set in the 1860s in London. Lilly Linton is a 19-year-old girl from a middle-class family, her mission in life is equal rights and her worst nightmare is marrying. On her mission for equal rights, she meets Mr. Ambrose the richest, meanest, most chauvinistic and powerful man in the British empire. He just happens to be the hottest too. As his secretary, Lilly travels with him to France, Egypt and even the South-American jungle. However, she still gets lost in the sea. Its hard to find a boat that can survive the icing glare from Mr. RIkkard Ambroses sea blue eyes.

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Rob Thier is currently writing on book five of the series.


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After is originally a Harry Styles fanfic, but is a lot better as a romance novel than a fanfic

When Tessa ends up sharing a dorm room with crazy, chaotic Steph she defies her good girl nature and starts hanging out with Steph and her friends. Everyone welcomes her into the squad except Harry. Harry is mystic, calm, angry and hot with a charming british accent. As Tessa grows closer to him she starts seeing more of the broken man behind all the tattoos.

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There are three books in the after series

My not so one night stand

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Maya and Luke have been friends their whole life. At twenty-three Luke is the ultimate fuckboy and Maya has given up love. Her days of sexy underwear and clean shaven legs are over, but when she accidentally sleeps with Luke and discover his skills in the bedroom they agree on having an exclusive friend with benefits relationship. There is only one rule: No strings attached.

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I hope you liked the article and if you have any suggestions for wattpad books send me a message.

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