Lately I have found myself feeling really sad, that is why I decided to make a list of small things that at the moment they might not feel really important, but when you look back at them you get this huge feeling of calm.

aesthetic, black, and blue image
The smell of rain
girl, friends, and car image
Singing in the car
smile, boy, and dimples image
Unusual or weird compliments
girl, sky, and sunset image beautiful, beauty, and city image
Sunset / Sunrise
Image by Juliette
Good hair days
food, ice cream, and summer image ice cream, food, and pink image
Eating ice cream
friends, chandler bing, and Jennifer Aniston image
Good tv shows
couple, dogs, and love image
Petting a dog
Image removed b&w, black and white, and summer image
Smiling at strangers
coffee and drink image
Image by MCLAREN - B@H@DIR beach, coast, and june image beach, travel, and nature image Image removed
b&w, coolest, and curls image
love, couple, and boy image girls and friends image fashion, girl, and laughing image couple, cuddling, and laughing image
girl, music, and vintage image
Listening to your favorite song for the first time

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