- Layering necklaces

Necklaces make you look like you spent more time on your outfit, even if you didn't.

bling, necklace, and ruby image fashion, girl, and style image accessories, shirts, and style image layering, delicate necklace, and layered necklace image

- Colored sunglasses

It adds a pop of color to any plain outfit and they go with just about anything.

red, glasses, and aesthetic image purple and sunglasses image green, glasses, and sunglasses image aesthetic, blue, and glasses image

- Add rips

Wether it be a shirt or pants, ripping can add a really cool effect on lots of clothes. It's a relly eay way to transform clothes.

aesthetic, ass, and goals image fashion, pink, and Versace image

- Costumize

Whether your cropping a t-shirt or adding patches to a denim jacket, it can make any boring piece more unique.

girl, fashion, and pineapple image tumblr, aesthetic, and grunge image fashion, jacket, and denim image fashion image

- Add fishnets

Fishnet tights are a great way to transform a simple outfit to a more unique one.

black, grunge, and style image alternative, fishnet, and indie image Image removed aesthetic, pale, and fishnets image

- Belts

Belts are an easy way to pull your whole outfit together. You can get them for really cheap at thrift stores.

fashion, gucci, and outfit image belt, girl, and clothing image fashion, style, and outfit image clothes, style, and fashion image

- Socks

Cute socks adds a cool touch to outfits, especialy short jeans or roll up your jeans where your socks stick out.

Image removed pink, shoes, and aesthetic image vans, style, and alternative image yellow, aesthetic, and socks image

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