You've probably heard a thousand times that waking up early and having one set morning routine is very beneficial for your health and productivity, so I will not go on about that for miles.

Just a quick recap.

Waking up earlier allows you to have a few hours to yourself when you are yet to start the day and can enjoy small things like reading a book with a cup of tea or meditating.
A set routine helps to free your brain from decision making early in the morning and allow you to be more focused on the tasks that lay ahead, as there exists such a thing as decision fatigue.

I am not a very strongwilled person, so I am just starting to try and implement a morning routine, but I came up with an ideal one to be my guide.

So here are some things that I want to do first thing in the mornings.

Wake up with the first alarm and make my bed

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Just get out of bed when you hear that alarm going off and fight the urge to sleep in

Drink a glass of water

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Plain or with lemon and honey, but a must to help your body wake up


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Preferably with someone, but I'm still working on that

Breakfast + check on social media

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At Tiffanys or at home, whatever floats your boat P.S. This should be the first time you look at your phone

Do my hair

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Braid, bun, or a simple blow out, whatever I'm feeling that day

Get dressed

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Helps if you lay out your outfit the night before (remember the decisionmaking fatigue?)

Do my makeup

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Not a must-do step

Choose accessories

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Always forget it, but accessories do tie the look together

Walk the dog

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Spend some time with my pup and breathe some fresh air

Have some me time

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This is the perfect time for meditation, reading, writing or just generally to relax and to do some things that bring you joy, and for which you don't necessarily have time later in the day

So this is a loose plan of how a perfect morning would go for me. But although I will strive to achieve this someday, you should remember that life is not perfect, and it's okay if my morning will not be like this every single day.

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I would love it if you checked out my previous article.

It is in herself she will find the strength she needs