Hi everyone! i've decided to create an article based on football and share some of my favourites

Favourite team/s

Dante, germany, and bayern munchen image Barca, fans, and football image football, Juventus, and ucl image Alexis, Arsenal, and aaron ramsey image
Bayern Munich // Barcelona // Juventus // Arsenal

Favourite League

Arsenal image manchester united, martial, and pogba image

Favourite football player/s of all time

paris, zlatan ibrahimovic, and ibrahimovic image beckham, David Beckham, and football image messi, Barcelona, and soccer image calcio, football, and italy image
Zlatan Ibrahmimovic // David Beckham // Leo Messi // Francesco Totti

Best looking players

marco reus image Juventus, champions, and dybala image isco image real madrid, hala madrid, and marco asensio image Image by thais blonde, boyfriend, and Hot image
Marco Reus // Paulo Dybala // Isco // Marco Asensio // Neymar Jr // Loris Karius

Cutest players

griezmann image football, guys, and sport image colombia, james, and james rodriguez image
Griezmann & Joshua Kimmich & James Rodriguez

Underrated teams i love

fans, bvb09, and borusse image son, tottenham, and dele alli image
Borussia Dortmund & Tottenham Spurs

Favourite International team

brazil, neymar, and football image spain, isco, and spain nt image argentina, messi, and argentina nt image france, france nt, and paul pogba image
Brazil // Spain // Argentina // France

Best Bromances

blessed, boys, and chicos image mario gotze, götzeus, and borussia dortmund image
Isco & Marco Asensio // Marco Reus & Mario Gotze

Best looking WAG

amine gulse image aesthetic, beautiful, and fashion image bae, couple, and bruna marquezine image
Amine Gulse (Ozil's fiance) // Ann Kathrin (Gotze's wife) // Bruna Marquezine (Neymar's girlfriend)