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I hope you will find my article interesting. You can send me your journaling journey I would love to read them.
So here we go:

How did it start?
In December 2016 I started interesting in journaling. I watched tons of you tube videos firstly about bullet journaling than „normal” journaling. I was so inspired in a video, I said: That’s it I want to journal. Back then I got a journal for Christmas. I wanted to start in it in the New Year, but I couldn’t contain myself so I wrote my first entry on 29.December 2016. Since then I filled three journals and I’m about to start my fourth one.

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How often do I journal?
Firstly I journaled almost every day for a week, then I started skipping a few days. My motivation ran out, but I still continued writing in my journal, but not as much (3-4 times a week). It carried on for this May. Up to that time there were periods when I journal every day, but also days without any entry. In May I wrote 20 entries and since then I try to journal every day.

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Why do I journal?
First I started it because I tried to recall a memory, but I couldn’t. I freaked out, what I am going to remember in 50 years’ time, if I can’t recall something that happened 2 years ago. So I wanted a place where I can write down important things that I experienced.
This is a place where I can be honest with myself and write down not only positive but also negative thoughts.

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Thank you for reading, hope you find it great. If you are interested in other things in this topic please share with me and I can write about it.

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