Our dancing was disturbed by cries from Jasper. He has asthma so if he cries for long he gets out of breath. I ran to his room to console him. He was sitting up in his crib looking at me. "It's okay, Jasper. Everything's okay," I told him, reaching into the crib to cradle him in my arms. He stopped crying and sniffled. I wiped his tears away. Jackson came into the room with Matilda who was covered in mud. "Everything alright?," he asked, looking worried. I nodded. "I'm going to give him a bath. It looks like she could use one too," I said. "I'll help you. She found her way into the mud with the pigs," Jackson informed me. I laughed. We headed to the bathroom to clean our munchkins.

baby, done, and little image
Image by Sara Saddik

After bath cuddles are my favorite. The four of us laid in bed and watched cartoons.