Hi everyone, hope you will enjoy reading this article.

Getting through many hard exam sessions I decided to write something that's gonna be helpful for me and for who is as well as me.

Motivation is everywhere and you should just open your eyes and focus on what you aim to achieve. Because if you don't have any goal you can't work hard.

Organisation in that case is your best friend, anxiety and stress are your nemies.

A lot of people near me are having their best summer times and others are travelling to somewhere or are just partyng every night. I would love to be in that situation as well but unfortunately not this year.

I tell my self that it's not that bad to spend my time studying to reach one of my life goals because one day I will be proud of me when all that will be ended.
As a further motivational instrument I am used to establish some beautiful and stimulating goals after my hard periods, such as organizing journeys with my parents or friend, relaxing days doing all I love to do or planning some exciting activities. Everything to be motivated and to study now to relax and enjoy my summer then.
Everything will be good at the end just live it day by day!