What is it, what makes you like somebody who hurts you? Is it what they give you?

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I'm not sure what it is? but why do we do something that just continually hurts us or makes us feel unworthy?

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Is it the way they smile at you, the way they make you feel wanted or popular even, is it the feeling and the wildness of it? or is it because you're kind?

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Of-course kindness is beautiful but sometimes we have to be wise with it, there's no point in using your goodness on something that makes you feel worthless or is a basic idiot.

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How do we just stop doing it? How do we say no? To be honest I'm not good with that but I think maybe a little bit of respect for ourselves, maybe a kindness on yourself, doing the right thing

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If you're not happy then why, what is it? Maybe sometimes it makes you feel happy but then most of the time you feel rubbish, like you've got to be a certain way, or maybe you can't even go out without coming back and telling everything you've done

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Why do we do keep following the same thing that in the end just hurts us, why can't we stop? I don't know maybe we need to grow up, maybe we need a self-respect check, we probably need some help.

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I think you're friends probably say the same thing, get rid and why do you do this?

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Maybe we get so badly hurt that then we just leave but then he says he wants you back? Then you're thinking about all the good times and maybe you're thinking maybe I should

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But why? what's the point, there's someone out there better, kinder, respectful and who will really love you, so why would want to go out with someone that hurts you, disrespects you, makes you feel uncomfortable and might control you, what's the point? We've not got long

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So take a breather, be wise, be honest, and be real and think what do I wanna do?

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Maybe he'll ask you for pictures and maybe you're thinking should I, to make him stay, to make him like me more, nah mate, don't do that, I've done it and trust me it will hurt you and if not you, you're family and it's wrong and it just ends up making you feel worthless because do you really want be seen like that, Don't you want to be more than that to a guy you like?

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Don't have regrets, it just hurts you, be mature and respect yourself it'll make you happy

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You'll be okay and one day you'll be more than okay

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