Time is ticking and everyone is telling you should stop. Sweats can be seen on your face. A few droplets flow down your face and all you do is ignore it. All your focus was on one thing because there was still hope. But all of that went down the drain when you realised that you couldn’t reach it on time. All your effort went to waste; and all you have to do was slow down and watch it fades away slowly. A pool of tears can be seen on your face when you realised that you were too late. You blamed yourself. Telling yourself that you shouldn’t have done that what you have done. You regret everything and letting your emotions control you; ego. Now you can't do anything anymore but just pray that it will come back into your arms. It shouldn't have come to this if you have cherished everything you have and being thankful. Instead you went into hiding thinking that it might solve everything. But honestly, you are running away from all of it. Shame and regret is all you are feeling. And you will carry it with you through your whole life until it come back and forgive you for not being a better person. All you can say was goodbye to it and walk away until it comes back.