Hello dear Hearters!! The first week of this music challenge will end with some songs to listen to when you are driving :

1. Cola - Camelphat & Elderbrook

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That's what you're coming for and/ They don't want to let you in and/ You drop your bag to the floor and/ You ask her what's happening/ It's getting late now, hey now/ Enough of the arguments/ She sips a Coca Cola/ She can't tell the difference yet

2. Ruff like this - Watermat

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Oh, I like it ruff like this/ Go on and move your shit/ Said, "Oh, I like it ruff like this/ Let's take a one-on-one, move your shit"

3. Gimme Gimme - Inna

beautiful, nature, and summer image Image by Eliya Pavlova
Baby, when I see you/ I want you, want you, want you/ My body, body go crazy, crazy 'cause/ I need you, need you, need you/ Baby, when I see you/ I want you, want you, want you/ My body, body go crazy, crazy/ Gotta gimme, gimme, gimme that love/ Gimme, gimme that love

4. House every weekend - David Zowie

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But staying in the house every weekend, I just can't take it/ I work hard/ And if I don't let myself go, let myself go, let myself go/ I just might explode, I just might explode

5. Best Friend - Sofi Tukker

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I think that I'll keep loving you, way past sixty-five/ We made a language for us two, we don't need to describe/ Everytime time you call on me, I drop what I do/ You are my best friend and we've got some shit to shoot

So that was today's article!! I hope you enjoyed it and if you wanna read more articles of this kind , here is the collection :