I have never thought that I would meet him. We are so different, literally different. How could we meet then? Is it the fate? Or it's just a coincidence?. I met him after I lost a big part of my faith. After I endured a lot of pain. I stopped believing in true love. I stopped watching the princess bride after I was watching it all the time. I said to myself "I have no soulmate, I will die alone, and I have no problem with that." I swore off love. Literally, I forgot the feeling, because everytime I open up, it hurts. My heart was broken and my soul too. Then out of blue, we stumbled upon each other. I do not know how. He was so annoying at the beginning. He was teasing me a lot and he never showed me that he can like me one day. Though I kept talking to him ( I am not like that though) but I was feeling something special with him forced me to stay. He kept treating me like if he doesn't care and I believed it, because I didn't want to get hurt again. He even made me weep twice, so I decided to leave. He left too. I said to myself " you better to stay away from emotions. You don't need any relationships." But he came back again with new gentle attitude, he finally showed his real self to me, and that made me confused then he said directly " I have feelings for you. I love you." My heart skipped many beats at that moment. I was about to swoon, but I played it cool. I ignored what he had said because I was so confused and so scared. After awhile my heart was angry at me. My mind refused to let him go too. I decided to be bold and tell him what's in my mind and my heart. And thankfully, I am brave enough to do so, and he was so kind with me. At that moment I discovered that he is the boy I want. His mind, his gentleness, his everything, I want all of this. I have never received the love, I gave to people I love, never, not even once. I thought I would never receive it, but he prove me wrong. For the first time in my life he gave me the love I was searching for. He made me feel loved. He gave me the love, I gave to him. I feel like the sun rises in my heart, every time I talk to him. Every time I close my eyes, I see our future. I see our big library, our dog, and our photos together. I see our cozy home, our lovely kids, our clothes hanging in the same closet. I can't ask for more. Because I am so grateful for meeting him. We still have a long path to walk it together, and I feel afraid, I won't lie, but I feel that the future will be better too.

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