Hi guys ! ,

This is my very FIRST article ever ! yay , and I'm going to give you Five basic tips to find out if a guy likes you . So get ready ladies and let's jump into the article shall we ? .

1) Hot and bothered :
Now they don't call it ' hot and bothered ' for no reason , when a guy likes you and is quite nervous around you it causes him to blush or cause a rush of adreline to rush up to his face . It produces a itchy feeling causing the guy to scratch his face when he's in close proximity with you .

2) A good listener :
If the guy is genuinely interested in you he'll listen carfully to everything you have to say , why you ask ?. It's because he will try to know as much about you to get to know you further . He won't use his phone around you or try to cut the conversation short . But instead he will comfort you when needed and laugh at a funny joke you just made even if it's not that hilarious .

3) A well dresser :
If a guy likes you he will try to dress his best whoever he's around you , in a regular lazy weekend you might see him wearing casual clothes but whenever he's spending time with you he will wear his lucky ' socks ' or his favorite cologne to make a good impression on you.

4) Social media :
If you have a Instagram , snapchat or face book account he will definitely follow you or view your story just to increase his chances of talking to you.

5) Texting :
Your crush will definitely try to text you if he's already following you on any of the social media accounts you are found active on . He will most likely try to keep the conversation going and will not reply with one word answers . He will try to give you good advice and once in a while send you something funny like a joke or a GIF to make you smile .

I hope these tips were helpful for you if you want more tips feel free to ask by in boxing me on Instagram my ID is : aizah_888 .

And best of luck 😊 , I hope you get your dream guy and have a nice day ! .

See you later ,
Aizah .