Hi guys,

I just wanted to share with you something I discovered. I was this girl who tried a range of products for my skincare routine varying from very expensive to some drugstore items. I was looking for a facewash that cleans my face but also adds moisture to my skin: make it look glowy and healthy. I never could find the one that could do both jobs. Mostly my skin became to dry or it was the product made my skin to oily or didn't really made a difference for my skin.

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So I decided to have a look at a store specialized in natural products. Before heading of to the store I did my online research. I discovered natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. So I will share you my beauty routine based on natural ingredients. These are the one's that feel really nice on my skin.

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I clean my face with beeswax soap.Yes from bees! I buy it at Holland and Barret (De Tuinen). This is such a nice product! Check you have the soap with the purest ingredients and most amount of beeswax. Your skin will feel as velvet after using it! And it really makes your face clean and glowy. Without making it dry. The price is also very nice around 5 euro.

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After cleaning I use rosewater. I use Gül Suyu a Turkish brand. It feels nice on your skin and smells of roses. I use rosewater to have a last clean of my skin after using the soap. Rosewater keeps your PH balance, tones the skin and make the skin healthy again. The smell is so nice, it makes me happy!

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So after this refreshing. I use honey cream in my morning routine for my face (the cream is from Holland and Barret- DeTuinen). The fun of this one is it's a day and night cream in one. It smells nice, not to strong. It vitalises my skin. Gives you a nice glow. They say that in ancient times Cleopatra used honey to keep a youthfull apareance. My skin feels really soft and you feel it´s a rich but light cream, easily absorbed by my skin, without leaving it oily or something. It's perfect in balance and also leaves a shine on your skin.

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In my evening routine, I use almond oil (after the refreshing rosewater). Almond oil is a very fine oil (if you have the pure version) which makes it easy for the skin to absorp. I apply it on my face before going to bed and during the night it soakes into my skin. And suprise! When I wake up my skin feels so soft! No oily traces left, everything is absorbed by my skin. My skin feels soft and looks healthy! I am very happy with this. I aslo buy my almond oil at Holland and Barret (de Tuinen). Yeah boring, I know the same store again, but they have natural products ;-)

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After my morning routine, I finish using an amazing facial activitating mist of Beauty Kitchen. This is the most expensive item in my beautyroutine. but it's such a nice product. It makes your skin glow, plump out! It activates and enhances a beautiful glow. I also use it after I put on my make up, leaving my skin and make up look natural and glowy. It really sprays as a thin mist.I really like the brand. And spraying is a fun last part of my routine. Ready to apply some make up! The image below is not the activating mist, it;s another product of the same brand. But you can buy the mist also at Holland and Barret.

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Finally, as mentioned before I tried many products before. Even expensive one's not available at the drugstore.I discovered these natural products work very well for my skin. I prefer natural products because they are so easily absorbed by my skin and they make my skin so shiny, fresh and glowy looking. Hope this also helps you a bit.

Thank you guys! Enjoy your day! You can find my instagram @roxrockss. Would love to hear from you! XXX Below a close up of my no make up face.

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