Hey Everyone! Today I'll be sharing my bucket list (as of June 2018) with all of you!

i. See a musical.
ii. Enter in an Art Exhibit.
iii. Go to a Pentatonix Concert.
iv. Duplicate an outfit from a magazine.
v. Own Armani Clothing.
vi. Get my own professional camera.
vii. Have my portrait painted.

girl, fashion, and camera image fashion, sunglasses, and magazine image

i. Travel to Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, Spain & Amsterdam.
ii. Travel the world with my Best Friends.
iii. Visit a castle.
iv. Travel by a Vaporetto through the Grand Canal, Venice.
v. Visit Saint Mark’s Square, Venice.
vi. Eat Seafood in Venice.
vii. Collette Miller Angel Wings, Los Angeles.
viii. Live in Venice with my Best Friends.

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i. Go to Comic Con.
ii. Have a White Christmas.
iii. Leave a note in a library book.
iv. Collect Photos on Leaver’s Assembly with my Best Friends.

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For Me.
i. Take a photo of all of these.
ii. Create a Bucket List Journal.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, and that maybe it has inspired some of you to create your own bucket list, or to add some ideas to yours!