Sometimes i think i tried too much.
But i never think i tried enough.

I thought i put so much of my time.Too much
i put in my heart.My soul.My mind.
And that was too much because all you did was take.
You were draining.

You said we'd last forever.
Forever is such a short amount of time considering you left my side as soon as you could.
you left because i wasn't enough
or at least that's what you told me

if i put in enough maybe we'd still be together.
But to be honest i don't think so.
Because even though i had so much to offer,and you did too,you never actually put anything out for us.

It was all me.

And when you left it wasn't subtle.
It was drastic.

You left with no explanation.
So everyday i would look out the window wondering
What was wrong with me?
What was the flaw that chased you away?

why did this always happen to me?

I missed the phone calls
and the text messages
and all the promises.

Too bad you never kept them.
Too bad my phone never makes a sound because its on do not disturb and who knows how long it'll stay like that.
Too bad whenever i read our old text conversations my eyes get watery and small tears run down from the corner of my eyse down to my chin.

Too bad you destroyed me.