laying in a bed of crumpled white sheets with the windows open. its golden hour it is around 78 degrees fahrenheit. you are wearing lilac, a matching lounging set. soft noises, low music, street sounds. left over fruits and lukewarm champagne set atop a vintage tray resting on the ginormous vanity. faint smells of the cafe downstairs, the cigarette lit somewhere on a near balcony, the days leftover perfume lingering on your warm skin from the days activities. sudden rush of feeling all consuming content. a soft smile accompanies the already beautiful features of your face. away from the world it seems. the sounds of soft melodies flow from the open bathroom door clad with white granite and extravagant mirrors. the heavenly sounds effortlessly leaving the lips of your lover washing off the day in the shower. laying in pure bliss it seems impossible to feel any negative emotion. in a little city on the east side of Italy it becomes hard to distinguish reality from imagination