I wish this could last forever, this night, this feeling, my head on your chest, this freedom...
We layed down in the grass with my eyes in the stars, still getting nervous as if it was the first time, kissing you was a revolution inside my heart.
We promissed to make worth every second and everything conspired to be perfect.
We ran away just to feel the free spirit we kept hide in our souls, the sun raised and I was pretty sure there's magic concentred in it, there's no more problems here, there's no more worries for real.
the only thing I bring with me it's you and love, simply like this, I just love you and I don't expect nothing back, that's why it's so beautiful, I just wanted you to know that.
I couldn't find words to describe how much I crave you, how much I believe this is real.
We have so much more roads, we are so much more,
I hope you know you are love.

-A piece of my heart in a letter for you.