Character’s Full Name: Jordan Annabelle Winchester

Reason For Name: Jordan was named after one of John’s best friends in high school whose name was Jordan.

Nicknames: Kiddo (by Dean and Sam), J (by Charlie), Kitty Cat (by Crowley), Darling (by Rowena), Princess (by John)

Race: American, British and German

Occupation: Hunter, saved the world once or twice

Age: (Currently) Just turned 20

How Old Does She Appear: 18 years old

Eye Color: Jade green

Glasses or Contacts: Neither

Style: Black leather jacket, Dean’s amulet he gave to her when Adam went to hell, dark brown (almost black) combat boots, skinny jeans, usually tank tops or t-shirts.

Weight: 110 lbs.

Height: 5’3

Type of body: Thin but still has good muscles in her arms and legs.

Skin Tone: Warm Ivory

Face Shape: Square

Birthmarks: A small freckle on her left cheek bone

Predominant Features: She has a truly beautiful smile, granted she doesn’t use it very often, but everyone who sees it thinks that it’s beautiful. Her lips are perfectly shaped, her teeth are straight and white.

Looks Like: A regular high school girl

Is She Healthy: No (after living on fast food for a while, she doesn’t know what healthy is)

Favorite Color(s): Green and Black

Least Favorite Colors: Yellow

Favorite Music: Bon Jovi, Nickelback (her favorite band), Kansas, basically anything her brothers’ listen to

Favorite Food: Milkshakes and salted fries

Daredevil or Cautious: Daredevil

Hobbies: Taking down monsters, being there for the good people, protecting her brothers, dancing (when she's alone.)

Childhood: Ever since she was a little kid, she has been hunting monsters. It started when she went on hunts with John and her brothers. She learned the older she got that her favorite monsters to take down are Vampires, simply because she finds them interesting and they’re a challenge to kill. She had always been closer to Mary until she was murdered. She lived with Dean for years, up until they came to visit Sam to tell him that John hadn’t been home in a while.

Important Childhood Memory/Trauma: Seeing her mother burning on the ceiling in Sam’s room. For weeks afterward, she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming. She would also be afraid of flames or warmth.

Mother: Mary Winchester.

Father: John Winchester. John and Jordan had never particularly been close, but grew more apart when Mary died. Then when John risked his life to save Dean, she began to look up to him a little bit because he saved her brother and best friend.

Siblings: Sam and Dean. Growing up, Dean raised Jordan because he was the oldest. They became so close, in fact, that Sammy got a little bit jealous for how much time Dean spent with her. He then realized that it’s just because she’s their only sister and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. She is also close to Sammy because they are both book nerds and enjoy hacking and breaking into things.

Birth Order: Dean, Sam and then Jordan

Most At Ease When: She’s in the Impala with her brothers. Being that her brothers raised her and for almost her whole life she’s been riding in that Impala going from case to case, that’s where she feels most at home.

Ill At Ease When: She and Dean are separated

Priorities: Protecting her brothers and Castiel, taking down monsters

How She Feels About Herself: There’s been times, (much like her brothers), where she doubts herself because someone innocent died or a monster got away. Sometimes she’d cry herself to sleep, only to wake up the next morning like nothing ever happened. She knows she’s strong and she’s capable of many things.

Past Failures: Letting an innocent little girl die

If Granted One Wish, What Would It Be: To bring back her parents and Bobby, and to live a normal life with her family. Not having to worry about who’s the next to die.

Greatest Strength: She has spent a lot of time studying the monsters that they hunt, even some that they’ve never heard of before. She makes a point to study the shit out of her books because she wants to be more than prepared for every battle she goes into. She’s also very determined and does not give up very easily.

Character’s Soft Spot(s): Sam, Dean, Castiel, Charlie and Bobby

Is Character’s Soft Spot Known To Others: Yes

Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist, but more sarcastic than anything.

Introvert or Extrovert: Definitely extrovert. She doesn’t filter anything and always says what she means, whether it sounds shitty or not.

Drives and Motivations: Keeping her brothers and friends safe, taking down the bad guys and protecting the good ones.

Talents: Being sarcastic, reading a book quickly, great memory, not giving up, she's a great dancer, but no one other than her brothers knows it.

Good Characteristics: _She’s friendly for the most part, she’s always determined, she’s brave, she’s very intelligent and she doesn’t give up because she knows she can do anything she wants.-

Flaws: She isn’t filtered, as she always says what she wants. She isn’t afraid if someone doesn’t like her because friends are the least of her concerns.

Mannerisms: She rolls her eyes a lot when she’s annoyed or someone comes up with a dumb plan.

Biggest Regret: Letting innocent people die.

Character’s Darkest Secret: She actually kind of had a crush on Lucifer at one point in time.

Does Anyone Else Know: Oh heeellll no

Personal Items: Dean’s amulet that she’s always wearing, and a huge blue, pink and white plaid shirt that Sammy gave her.

Quotes: “Whatever doesn’t kill me, better hope I don’t kill them.”