Hello everyone, I haven’t posted an article in a long time but today I am here because I think this is an issue that we are all aware of and should never forget.

I was raised in a conservative way, in a family in which girls were judged by the way they dressed, or how they behaved at parties.
I have always been aware that sexism is definitely a problem in society; it is still present in our everyday life. Girls are still slut shamed and women do not receive equal rights as men do.

Daily, I hear stories told by my friends or any other national news where women are raped and murdered, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know this is a sensitive topic, and I know a lot has been made to stop this phenomenon. Still, we should be aware every single day as well, we should stand for what we believe, for equality.

Do simple things like stop slut shaming on a conversation with your male friends. There are small actions that eventually can make big changes.
For example, I told my cousin that he should listen to Emma Watson’s speech, the one she gave for the “He for She” movement and he did. He told me he now understood a little bit more Feminism and why it was so important to me and to every woman in the world. It is a small action, but he told one of his friends that used to judge girls, and maybe that friend told another friend and that’s the way we can change the world.

I just feel like we should never forget that every human deserves fundamental rights and to be treated with respect and dignity. But it is more important to act.

Remember that your opinion will not change the world, but your actions will.