Isn't it weird how when we have what we have, we seek for a change
However when change does come upon us, we can't seem to accept it
We miss what used to be, we miss what we once had and wondered why did we ever wish upon a change back then

What used to be coffee for two became coffee for one
What used to be a table for two became a table for one
What used to be a call goodnight & a call morning became stares on the ceiling
And what used to be "we" became "I"

change is good, they say
But is it really?
I have not figured that out yet
Maybe it will someday
To you & to me

I cant say that I love this change
In fact I'm filled with anger & hate on this change
But I also cant deny that a part of me still feels so much love
Most of all, hurt.

I thought I have been through enought tough times, I'll be okay
I have never been so wrong.