Hello Dear Readers!

How is your summer going? I hope that your summer is being full of fun! Ice cream, sun, beach, friends and music, what could be better after all of final exams stress?

I´m sure you, as everyone, have some things in mind now that school is over and we all have a lot of freetime. And it is the right time to upload this, It´s the first day of summer!! So let´s begin!

Learn a bit of Geography

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This summer i want to learn the nations and their main cities. There are a lot of countries, but I will start with America.

Take Driving Lessons

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I took my first driving lesson some weeks ago, and can´t lie, I was a pro for being my first time driving.


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I´m not a big fan of exercising, but I really want to do something good to my body. I can´t be this lazy for the rest of my life! Maybe I will go to the gym, of exercise at home, idk.

Learn Sign Language

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Why not? I know I can´t learn a whole new language in just one summer, but at least I can try.

Make New Friends

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If you have read some of my articles you would know I love meeting nwe people. So... if you think we could be friends, don´t be afraid of messaging me ;)

Eat a LOT of Ice Cream

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Summer = Ice Cream Do I even have to explain?

Try New Hairstyles

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I have long hair. But I only know how to do a pony tail or a simple braid and I think that is a waste of hair, when I could be doing 38484 thousands of different hairstyles.

Go Shopping

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I definitely need new clothes, and I´ve been saving money since last year.

Watch all Marvel Movies

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A couple of weeks ago, I saw Infiity War and there were so many references to other movies that I didn´t enjoy it as i wanted to. This was a good idea, I discovered I really like Marvel movies. Iron MAn is my favorite ;)


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Pool Party

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Having pool parties with friends is one of the best summer memories.

Return To My German Classes

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I was learning german with this app called Duolingo, but again, thanks to lack of time I had to stop. I hope this summer i can learn many things, to offset the time I lost.

Draw More

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I need to improve my drawing this summer. Again, lack of time´s fault.

Read "The Selection"

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The Selection - Read The Elite - Read The One - Have to read it The Heir - Have to read it The Crown - Have to read it

Write More

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During school time I do not have enough time to write, and that´s frustrating. This summer is the best opportunity to write.

It was a lot of things, but I finished finally...

The End

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Until next time,
- 𝒞𝒶𝓇𝑜𝓁 💐