Hey Creative Hearters!

I'm very excited, because this is my first article and I would love to share some of my experiences with you guys.


It's never something easy to learn to let go. It is hard to let go, because we really love that person/thing. and when we really love someone/thing we often give our all despite the consequences.

It can either go good or bad. If it goes well do the opposite of what this article says...hold on tight. But if it goes bad and drains the happiness out of your body...well this is for you my dear hearter...

•Find A Hobby And Learn To Be Good At It•
Finding something that might give you greater love could replace that person/thing you are so hooked on. Be open to new changes. Didn't it give a great feeling when you found the thing that you're now learning to let go of? So you'll find a new person/thing that could give you much more love.

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You'll Find Something You Love❤

•Don't Be Bitter About It•
Constantly thinking negatively or thinking about how you didn't want this in the first place will get you nowhere. You won't move an inch...at least not forward.... Not everything in life goes the way we want it to. We aren't the Kings and Queens of perfection. So either way you'll have to deal with it. So why not make the best of it?

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🙌Let That Bitterness Go

And Finally...

•Forgive...Forget And Let Go•
Forgiving and forgetting might seem impossible right now, but didn't you do the same thing when you were 7 and mad at your mom for not buying you that toy you really really wanted? Are you still mad at her now that you're 15...24..36...or even 67? Didn't you forgive..forget and let go? Because we don't get everything we want or it doesn't always work out. Often we tend to see stuff only from our point of view, because we know why we want it but fail to understand why it can't work out.

if you're open minded and honest with yourself you'll see why this thing didn't turn out to be what you would've wanted it to be.

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Remember... Don't Choose Familiar Misery Over Foreign Happiness

Hope You Enjoyed!
Lots Of Love, Aye❤