during the summer, you might not always find yourselves on the beach or working your butt off. so here are some amazing tv shows for you to binge. you can find most of these shows on hulu and/or netflix!!

new girl

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roommates. lovers. idiots. this show follows an awkward, doey-eyed jess moving in with three guys after a breakup. the entire show is filled with some of the best comedic scenes i have ever seen on a show. the chemistry between the cast mates are insane.

bob's burgers

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the belcher's are a family business for a burger joint. it is one of the many humorous animated sitcoms on tv that tackle both crude and dark humor. between tina's bminimal social skills and louise's off-balance humor ... the show is a hit.


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one word: emotional. this show took me through a whirlwind of emotion between the real life situations, the love stories, the songs, and the saddest of all ... death of cory monteith, who plays finn hudson. this show tackles important issues in an entertaining way.

13 reasons why

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katherine langford's role in this show is astonishing. she plays hannah baker who has recently committed suicide but left a trail of her existence behind in tapes ... each blaming someone for a reason she killed herself. makes sense? disclaimer: has graphic scenes including suicide, rape, drug abuse and alcohol abuse. if you are someone who contemplates or suffers from thoughts of suicide, please either don't watch this show or watch it with someone you trust. also, never suffer in silence.


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it's like pretty little liars meets american horror story. with a new mystery to solves every season, this teen group tackles many obstacles. from identity crises, sexuality, familial issues, etc. there is someone for everyone to relate to in this show whether that be good girl betty who has a hint of darkness or snarky red haired cheryl, who really just is sad inside. and everyone is hot too.


shadowhunters, katherine mcnamara, and dominic sherwood image
if you love angels and demons and magic runes and hot people, shadowhunters is it. it follows clary fray as she finds out she is a shadowhunter and dives into the nephilim world to protect her mother and all of mankind. with it's most famous ship, malec, the show was brought into great popularity only months after airing. the show is based off the book series "the mortal instruments" then turned movie and got stuck with a tv series.

teen wolf

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who doesn't love a good werewolf story? following scott mccall, recent turned were-boy, and his crime solving best friend, stiles stilinski. both boys with their supernatural friends protect their hometown from all the supernatural evil beings that stumble their way into beacon hills. stydia for life people.

the office

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i have no words to say for this show besides that it changed my life. it is full of the most ironic humor i have ever witnessed in a tv show. no episode bores you and as you can see from the images, everyone is idiotic in the best way. fall in love with michael, dwight, jim, and darrel.

vampire diaries

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talk about a never ending love triangle .. between two of the hottest dudes EVER. elena gilbert meets the salvatore brothers and then finds herself thrust into the world of the supernatural, that was being hidden from her for years. this show has really sweet moments and the cast has an amazing chemistry.


revenge and series image
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when a girl who's lost everything will stop at nothing to get revenge .. it makes for an amazing series. it is packed with drama in the hamptons and an infinity of love stories.

the mindy project

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it's basically the same type of comedy you would find on new girl or brooklyn99. following dr. mindy lahiri, she stumbles her way through her 30s wil love drama and work drama. the entire clinic where she works are filled with interesting who all help each other become the best versions of themselves.

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