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hi! this is the 2nd part of my tips, which is about running an aesthetic account. this is instagram oriented as i'm not very familiar with other platforms, i'm sorry.

this is just for fun y'all, don't take it too seriously. remember that i am no expert on any of this but i just want to share some tips as i know i needed them when i first made my account (even though i had my brother oof). also i got to carried away with the algorithm but it's something really good to know, especially since it effects everyone.

1; setting up & posting

here are some things to consider when setting up your account and posting!

they're pretty important, you could match it to your theme/use a photo from said theme or it could be different! to find them you can search up ''icons'' or ''pfp'' on tumblr, whi etc. try searching them up with terms such as ''tumblr'' or ''ulzzang'' or the name of your favourite artist/idol too!

here is a collection of icons i made, i'm going to update it regularly so check it out if you'd like to (':

quite self explanatory, you could put in quotes, emojis, your fc/goal, pronouns (good idea, helps normalise it) etc. whatever you'd like!

your captions are useful and a good way to interact with and get to know your followers! you can tell them about yourself/your day and you can also ask a qotd or share songs and add quotes or song lyrics, whatever you'd like.

you may want to use a caption layout so they're easier to do but either way it's best to try and always add a caption.

tags are very useful. on instagram you may want to put them in your caption, as a comment or underneath a comment (you comment an emoji or ''tagslist'' and reply to that with your tags). i do the latter as it helps to keep your comments organised. you can use up to 30 - so keep them relevant to your post, although it can be a good idea to use popular or gain oriented ones (e.g. #fff ) if you're into that.

also a way to help you gain/keep up activity on your account! tagslists can be added onto your post itself, the caption, as a comment or below a comment (like you would with the tags as i previously mentioned). a tagslist helps your followers see your post as they will get a notification that you mentioned them either in a post or in a comment.

to start a tagslist just either ask on your story or add ''comment (emoji) to be added to my tagslist'' and ''comment (emoji) to be added to my tagslist'' onto your caption. people will most likely ask if you do have one and you should ask others to be tag buddies too! i highly suggest this as it really makes a difference.

if your account is on instagram, you can use the highlights feature to your advantage. from selfies to reminding people that you do sfs, fff, lfl (if you do) and telling others about your promo codes if you have any, they're very helpful and you should do whatever you'd like!

when will you post? how many times a day? it's all up to you!

2; gaining & engagement
whilst gaining followers shouldn't be your only reason for having your account, you probably want some (especially since you can put links in your story if you have over 10k lol). gaining isn't always easy, especially with instagram's insane algorithm so here are some tips i've gathered.

ah, follow for follow. this is an easy way to gain followers but not everyone does this and people might unfollow you a few hours afterwards (not cool, don't do that). if you do this i suggest staying away from accounts that unfollow you if you don't follow back within like 5 minutes (that's not cool either, please chill). i don't like doing follow for follow (i follow people back based on feed) but it is a good starting point.

if you do this mention it in your bio, story, story highlights, name or posts!

here's a good piece of advice for y'all: a smaller amount of active followers is better than a larger amount of inactive ones.

lfl & returns
very beneficial, you may see people asking for ''ex10'' which is the same as well as ''rfr'' which is recent for recent (good to know since there are like 10 variations of the same thing). many people do lfl and will be more than happy to return loves and comments.

this is very important. story for story or shoutout for shoutout is exactly what it says, you give them a shoutout on your story and they will return it. try and do this with lots of accounts, though at first it may be hard as many people have a minimum follower account they'll do sfs with. i personally don't so hmu.

it's best to put that you do sfs in your bio, name or on your story/in your highlights. you may want to include rules too such as: min fc, have to be following you, feed based etc.

if someone has a sfs highlight, check it before asking and if you don't know if they do sfs, ask first! always ask for sfs if you plan to do it w/ someone and please do be polite.

PSA: if you don't know someone's pronouns please don't assume that they're a girl, this happens a lot on instagram and it's better to use they, ask them or check their bio, highlights etc.

gain groups & parties
gain groups are a good way to earn followers, gain groups create gain parties and sfs contests and being in one means that you will gain followers when your group hosts one.

gain parties and sfs contests are beneficial for those participating too, just follow the rules! gain parties will help you gain followers as you comment ''ifb'' and people will follow you from there. sfs contests are self explanatory, lots of people will see the shoutouts.

the only downside is that people may unfollow you after it finishes and once when i was in one someone got really mad at everyone for not picking them. which is terrible and leads onto the next tip i have.

love and comment groups
these are becoming more popular and are good for gaining! you can ask others about these or start your own. once you join one, you may be asked to join more.

send your recent posts there with a message asking people to l/c and love and comment on the posts people send there. you can gain mutuals, friends and followers and it will boost interaction.

interact with your followers and others! whether this be through your story and polls or just through comments, it helps boost engagement and is fun. compliment them, return likes and comments, people will appreciate it.

some ideas for boosting interaction are: daily polls, questions of the day, games, follower of the week, sending people cute doggo/cat pics, returns, replying to comments, q&a's etc.

3; insights and the algorithm
i've talked about engagement a fair bit and this is because it is very important when it comes to the algorithm and discovery of your account. the instagram algorithm is a tricky boy and it is getting worse and using your insights will help you figure out how to run your account the best.

here is what you need to know!

interest - instagram shows you things it thinks you will like! for example, if you like a slime video it will show you more on your explore page and if someone you follows posts one, it's more likely to come up. the same goes for aesthetic accounts, so boosting engagement means people will see your posts more often and the same goes for accounts you engage with.

relationships - instagram wants to show you posts from your ''family and friends'', if you and someone else comment on and like each others posts a lot and tag each other on them, they will fall into this category.

usage and frequency - if you use instagram more, you're going to see more posts and more chronological ones too, as it will dig deeper instead of just picking things it thinks you'll like.

time - the algorithm is starting to care more about the time you post and prioritises recent ones so you see them more.

from this we can take away that we need to boost our engagement with others and on our own accounts! it's also good to keep in mind that since only 7% of your audience will be shown your posts it is crucial that you find the best times to post too. how do you know you're doing a good job at this? your insights!

if you're interested on reading more about the algorithm, i found a good article: https://later.com/blog/instagram-algorithm-update/

insights are important and can be seen in two ways, through apps/websites and switching to a business account!

business accounts
change your account to a business account to see: your profile visits, taps and interactions, your reach (no. of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts), your impressions (total number of times your posts have been seen), your followers age, locations and when they're active.

you can also check individual posts to see: profile visits and where people are seeing your posts from (such as home, hashtags, profile and other places)

this helps you know when to post and how your account and posts are being seen and interacted with! it can also tell you when a post hit explore!

apps and websites can give you insights on:

media - best/worst posts and most/least commented/liked posts and the best times to post and the best tags and people to tag to get likes

engagement - best/worst followers and ones that comment and like the most and least

user - follower count, total comments/likes, average comments/likes, who followed/unfollowed you, who's not following you back/who you're not following back, accounts you have blocked/unfollowed etc.

4; apps/websites

here are some apps and websitesth

there are so many apps like this, basically they are mainly designed to tell you who is/isn't following you back and your lost and gained followers and who has blocked you. it let's you follow and unfollow others. they all differ a bit but they typically include insights too (you may have to pay for them though).

social blade
an obvious pick lol, it isn't accurate all the time but it does give you some insights and rankings and predicts how many followers you'll gain. you can compare accounts too, it has a live follower count and is for most social media sights.

link: socialblade.com

my actual holy grail! it tells you every sort of insight you need other than follower related stuff and let's you choose time frames too. it's also free?? a blessing

link: http://www.gabstats.com/

as i mentioned before, it is ideal for planning feeds/seeing how it will look on the app and it has some insights too (you have to pay for some insight features and more grids though).

link: unum.la

you may be wondering why this is here if it's not for insights but it's actually a good way to interact with your followers! people can ask you questions on here or whatever they'd like and you can answer inside the app or post them on your story. it's really fun and most people use this now.

link: tellonym.me

a blessing! when people click your linktree link, they will be taken to your linktree, which basically just has whatever links you'd like to put on there. it's beneficial for when you want to, for example, share your other social media handles with your followers.

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here is mine, for example!

link: www.linktr.ee

5; end

finally, we have reached the end! this is hella long but i hope it was helpful.

thank you โ™ก

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