the void of the darkness
the voices in your head
are the only things in the well

it goes miles and miles down

the walls are made of dirt
which makes it impossible to climb

if you fall down the well
it is so hard to get out

i pushed myself in
i was a prisoner inside of this well for so long

sometimes i would get so angry
i would scrape the walls and scream

other times i would sit and cry
because i was never able to climb

the voices continued to taunt me
i would cover my ears but they wouldn't go away

one day a light shot down from the top
it was small and dim
but i realized there was an opening

the walls became solid and i was able to climb
little by little

the opening became wider
i tried to climb faster

a loud grim laugh suddenly shook the well
i lost grip and fell all the way down again

years went by

i stayed in that well
continuing the cycle
of having a shred of faith and then losing it suddenly

there was blood and clouds
and the devil

voices beyond the well, above ground, were suddenly present
another opening from the very top appeared
this time people with rope

they threw the rope down the long slim hole
until it finally reached me

they helped me climb
and as i reached the top
there faces became visable

they were kind
they showed me the sun and the moon
and they taught me the beauty of both