I've seen this article here and there, and I love reading them, so I
decided to make one for fun, and I hope you like it (:
I couldn't find the creator of this article, but whoever you are, I credit you, you're awesome, I love this and I hope you're doing okay!

(little note: I am a girl, but I have always wonder how I would be as a boy, so...there you go).

Little Intro

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1. Name: Roman Alexander.
Age: 19 years old.
Vocation: Student and barista.
And he is the little of the family.


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2. Black hair.
Average weight.
Really small (for a boy).
Really Little eyes (almond ones).
A really cute smile and laugh.


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3. Roman is known to be a shy guy, but with a really open personality, the kind of guy you see passing with his friends and feel that you would love to talk to him.

He is known to be really a clumsy and distracted guy, always in his little world, he is the friend that always loses his phone and after a while realize that it is on his hand.

He is always smiling and trying to help others around him without thinking of something in return. And he loves kids, whenever he has the chance he takes care of his niece Penelope. He just wish to have kids one day.


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4. His life evolves around his loved ones, his family; it is made by his closest friends, his really crazy and sweet tall boyfriend, and his sister, that he loves to be silly with whenever they meet, plus, his niece of course.

Roman likes

ulzzang, boy, and asian image boy, asian, and ulzzang image boy, asian, and korean image

He loves food, he loves to cook. (his favorite food is japanese and indian) His friends always whined that he is always hungry, but can’t eat a big meal in one seating but eating snacks.

He loves to go for groceries, he loves going through every hall and see everything there is, he says he gets really full after making the groceries, and he loves the satisfaction of checking everything on the list.

He loves the ocean, he loves the sea world since he was little. The sound of the waves crashing makes him fall asleep, reminds him of old memories.


So, this is what I could think of how I see myself ina fictional character, I hope you enjoyed, it was really fun to do n.n have a nice day!!