Hi beautiful people! To be honest I already did this tag before but today I read a ABC Tag with different questions and I really liked it so I wanted to do it!

Let's get started!

A - Age


16 and birthday image balloons and birthday image

B - Biggest fear

not to fulfill my goals and not to be successful in my life.

C - Current time

5:00 pm

amarillo, paraiso, and naranja image dawn and morning image

D - Dream

I dream of having my own companies and traveling all over the world.

E - Easiest person to talk to

my closest friends, they really listen to me when I need it.

F - Favorite song at the moment

there are some:

Lovely - Billie Eilish (with khalid)
idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish
Lie To me - 5sos
Valentine - 5sos
Airplane pt. 2 - BTS
Fake Love - BTS
My boy - Billie Eilish
Bitches broken hearts - Billie Eilish

basically all Billie Eilish songs :)

billie eilish image billie eilish image

G - Gamer

it's just not my thing :(

H - Hungry for what


I - In love with

sunsets, music, poems, food and tropical places

J - Jealous of

those who don't overthink everything :))

K - Kindness

The best thing in the world

quotes, kindness, and people image quotes, beautiful, and kindness image

L - Last time you cried

to be honest i don't remember

M - Month of birth

June ☀️🌴 and i love that month SO much

N - Number of siblings

two, an older sister and a twin brother :)

O - One wish

fulfill all my dreams

P - Person you called last

my momma

Q - Question you are always asked

"Are you crazy?" lmao.

R - Reasons to smile

as I said in the other article:

"Because you're alive, you're healthy, you can hear your favorite songs, you can achieve your dreams, you can watch old movies and shows, you can be free, and you can try to be happy every day and every morning when you wake up!"

S - Song Last Sang

I like it - Cardi B ft. J Balvin, Bad Bunny, in karaoke with my sister lol

T - Time You Woke Up

5:00am if I have to go to school

U - Unique

My way to see life i think

V - Vacation Destination

bed? i think yes

W - Worst Habit


X - X-Rays You've Had

None yet

Y - Your Favorite Food

Hamburguers, pasta and maybe fried chicken

animal, beautiful, and food image food, pasta, and yummy image

Z - Zodiac Sign


Well, that's all for now, I hope you really enjoyed my article!

love u, till next one