what's your name?

What do you identify as?

When did you realize it?
I think the first time I actually noticed was when I was in elementary and all of my friends were talking about boys and how they were so cute and I could never find myself thinking about them that way and then that was when I saw online people being very open about their sexuality that I realized that I was gay lol

Do you have lgbt+ friends?
yes most of them are

Do they have we heart it?
not that I know of

How did you come out,or how would you come out?
I never really came out but Im pretty sure my cousins and my older siblings found out because of social media and their pretty cool about it but my aunts,uncles,mom,etc don't know and i really don't know how I would say it because their really judgeful people

Who do you look up to gender/sexuality wise?
Lauren Jauregui,Conor Franta, Troye sivan,Megan fox,Shane dawson

Have you ever had an Lgbt+ partner?

Have you ever argued with homophobic people?

What is the best thing about being part of this community?
The best thing is that everyone is so nice and understanding about what your going through so your never really alone

What's the worst part?
I can't think of any

Have you ever argued with teachers or any other kind of authorites because they were being homophobic?
I have never experienced that yet at my school but if they were being homophonbic I would

Who's your favorite fictional lgbt couples?
Emily and alison ,callie and aaron, clark and lexa

Have you ever been to a gay pride?
no but one is coming up in my town and im really excited

Have you ever been misgenderd?

Did social media help you accept yourself?

Are you proud of your identity?
yes of course

If your this far down thank you for reading this it means a lot