The body.

A vast area of unknown.

Yet, anatomically we know much more.

But why?

Why can science not give an answer as to why my heart beats faster when I see you?

Or when there is no one, my chest feels like it's caving in?

How do we know so much yet know so little?

Why is it that I can't shut hope out, yet I know there won't be any?

All these questions go unanswered.

They are but empty theories.

All these 'Whys?' and 'Hows?'

They say that my body is sacred


Who made it seem as if I was a special, well-respected being?

When I look around at others, they are the ones getting cat-called, or having to sell their bodies to make a living.

Is there really truly respect for women?

Or is it just a front for the barbaric men that laugh and drink as they look at women shamelessly?

When have I mattered?

When have women really mattered?

But I tell you this

They have mattered.

They have done things.

And not only have they fought for the respect that should've been given to them, they find ways to earn respect.

And yes, A man discovered a continent, and a man made the constitution, and a man was the first president.

But I remind you again that, we women have a very special power.

We have made this so-called "mankind"

We gave birth to the man that discovered a continent

We gave birth to the man that wrote the constitution

And we gave birth to the first president.

See, no one ever says this.

They don't say that a woman was the one, the one that put him on this planet and raised him.

Not to mention the hundreds of women that have become generals, queens, and held power in their hands

they have grasped it, and will never ever let it go.

So, how does it feel to be free?

See, even if you have lived this dream

getting a job and making money like men, we still truly aren't equal.

But, this isn't only about women.

It can be about men too.

Why is it normal for women to wear jeans, yet it's weird if men wear dresses?

Since when have articles of clothing had specified genders?

This is not a feminist's cry for equality, or to say that we are much better than men. No, this is about the way we have been treated, not just women but everyone.

There are people out there that think they are better, that they are the respected one, that they are the ones in control.

But, how much control can a minority have?

when they judge and don't get judged.

When they punish people for questioning them when they wreak havoc on people then go back to sipping fine wine.

But, one day that fine wine of those "respected people" will turn into the blood that they have spilled.