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Let’s say you reached a certain age like 26 but you haven’t accomplished that much in your life (I’m an au pair so I don’t have my house, husband or kids. I don’t even have a real job!). Well this happens sometime. Even though you see your friends getting promoted or getting married or having kids and you feel a little bit behind the schedule. Marriage and kids are not something that I want but when I see others moving on and building their life it makes me think what the hell am I doing?!

I believe that everyone has their own path and this differs from the fact what those people want to achieve in life. Well I really want to be somebody in this world/life. I want to have a chance to make a difference no matter how small it is. I want to teach what I do best. I want to leave a mark and to be remembered. I don’t want marriage but if there is someone by my side of course I would be happy but I think if I get that person it will be a bonus not a necessity because I learned to be happy alone. Sometimes I think that with all the ideas and dreams I have in my head I will not do anything but in those moments I say to myself why do you say so?!

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You know you can make everything you put your heart and soul in. You just need the right motivation. Your spirit needs to be aligned with the energy you bring to the Universe and after everything will be ok. Even though your direction might be different from those of the others, it doesn’t matter. You just need to pursue what you crave for.
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When you are young you don’t think of those things seriously. You think they are just dreams in your head but growing up you look for ways to make things happen because dreaming isn’t enough anymore. The things that make us different also make us beautiful and when growing up you discover that everyone is beautiful in their own way. There is no ugly or pretty there are just different points of view and different preferences.
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I still believe I will achieve my goals one way or another like I achieved the fact that I wanted to live in Germany. I wanted that so bad since I was 8 until 2 years ago. Than it stopped and I don’t know why. Maybe the time was not right, maybe I was not ready but after when I really decided I wanted it again it came to me in a month or two. These are just rambling talks but now I feel better because even though nobody will read this it’s more like I talked with myself about something that concerns lots of people and I want to say to myself and anybody who read this "Don't worry, your time will come but don't forget that you control time and actions not vice versa"