here is another character from my book Les Cendres des Dieux (Gods Ashes)

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  • Alexander "Alex" Wyllis Carter
  • Status: Main character
  • February 14th
  • 16 in the first book and 17 in the third one
  • from Sacramento
  • lives in the Compagnie
  • Son of the god Dercs


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he has green eyes, bronze skin, dark brown hair that grows curly and a muscled body because of his many trainings


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he is a soldier trained his whole life for war. But he is also a loyal boy always prepared to sacrifice himself to save one another. He has such a big heart.


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he is the best fighter of his generation and can hardly be defeated. He also has the ability to create some barriers of protection, and is able to share his strength with another person.


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Alex wears simple clothes, essentially plain t-shirts with a military jacket


  • green eyes by Elias
  • the world i used to know by we came as romans
  • home by american authors
  • nature boy by aurora


"Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get back to my duty. It's up to you to think if you'll also respect yours."
"Actually, I'm am not sure of the breadth of my words... I love you, it's supposed to mean a lot, right?"

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