A little background about how i got into kpop before we start.
It was around June last year (2017), I think. Probably not. I saw that they had won an award at the BBMA's and wanted to look into them. And BOOM! 1 year later, here I am. ARMY!!!!!!

Q1. When did you get into BTS?
it was around June of 2017, I think. I have really bad memory.

Q2. Who is your bias?

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Q3. Who is your bias wrecker?

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Q4. What was the first BTS song you listened to?
Spring Day. It was the first song I listened to and when I looked up the English lyrics it changed my life. I know they won't see this, but Thank You BTS. You saved me life.

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Q5. What is your current favourite song?
Magic Shop.

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Q6. What was your favourite era?
My favourite era is Wings of course <3

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Q7. What is your favourite quote from BTS?
Namjoon: "Your health is most important."

Q8. Who is your favourite couple?
JiKook of course. DUHH!

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Q9. What s your favourite BTS MV?
I really like the Blood, Sweat and Tears MV.

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i mean come on look at them!

Q10. What is your favourite choreography?
My favourite choreo will always and forever be Spring Day.