Hello everyone!

It's finally summer, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a summer tag. I hope you like it!

The creator of this tag is @yoitsmia

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What's your favorite trends/outfits you've worn this summer?

I love putting my hair up with a scrunchie and I always wear dresses and skirts in the summer.

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What has been your go-to snack this summer?

Peach iced tea and ice cream

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What do you do on a boring summer day?

I either listen to music, watch Netflix, read or go through Pinterest/We Heart It

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Would you rather: go to a bonfire or go to a pool?

I can't choose. Bonfires are cozy, but I also love to swim...

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What's something you hate about summer?

I hate mosquito bites and getting burned...

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The pictures might not be so colorful, but I thought it was pretty funny ;)

What's one place you'd love to visit this summer?

I would love to go to Copenhagen, Denmark. I also want to go to the beach, because I have not been there yet...

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