Hi guys!
So.. I'm sort of in the process of writing a novel. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing or if I'm doing it correctly, but writing is a passion of mine so I'm giving it a shot. It doesn't have a title yet; I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with it and this is a great creative outlet to do so.

As you can see by the title of this article, I'll be giving a description of my character through pictures and whatnot.

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Indigo (Indie) Wilson

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appearance: deep blue eyes and dark brown hair. tall and fit.

Indie is 18, and a freshman in college at a university in California. She is originally from Texas and chose to move because she loves the beaches and vibe of living on the west coast. She's a member of a sorority and involved in a lot of on campus activities.


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photography, music, reading and writing

She loves collecting memories in the form of pictures, polaroids, and writing journal entries every day. She'll realize that this causes some internal issues because she is missing out on living in the moment. She is often caught up in the past or stressing over capturing a moment for the future.

Another passion of hers is playing the piano and music is a huge part of her life.


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creative, dreamy, takes everything to heart

Indie is the type of person that always sees the good in everyone. She is soft and sweet and forgives people even when they don't deserve it. This leaves her extremely vulnerable at times because people will use it to take advantage of her.
At the same time, she is pretty hard on herself and strives to be perfect. She's very good at keeping up the appearance that her life is full and happy, but deep down she wants more. A lot more.


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simple and casual

Her signature look is very casual. You'll almost always see her with denim on because blue complements her eyes. Her go-to outfit is a soft t-shirt paired with shorts or rolled up jeans. Since the college she attends is basically on the beach, she'll also just wear a swim suit top and denim jacket.

Favorite Things

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wine and the beach. not much explanation needed here lol

Random Facts

✧ she loves to have her hair played with (who doesn't?? so relaxing)
✧ pays very close attention to detail
✧ she is always looking to redefine herself and is never completely satisfied in her life
✧ has very high standards when it comes to relationships


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✧ Lost In The Light / Bahamas
✧ Bloom Later / Jesse Rutherford
✧ Electric / Alina Baraz
✧ Fallingforyou / The 1975
✧ Blue Jeans / Lana Del Rey
✧ Love Is Alive / Louis The Child
✧ We Couldn't Fake It / The Coronas
✧ Radio / Lana Del Rey
✧ Breathe In My Lungs / Big Thief

Side note: these are some of my favorite songs and they make suuuch a perfect soundtrack for Indie and her personality.

While she seems like a sweet little angel based on this article, a novel would be nothing without conflict. Her story will include 1) a new friend that yanks her out of her comfort zone 2) a love interest that will turn her life upside down and 3) a high school best friend that watches Indie go through a dramatic change.

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So that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into Indie Wilson. This is the first in a series of articles about my characters, so be on the look out for posts following this one.

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