It was a rainy, rainy day,
which makes me think that the sky had felt it too.
A hunch had told me that the time was due,
and maybe that's why i took a picture or two.

You had been sad,
way too sad for it to be you.
I knew but didn't know.
I thought but couldn't face the truth.

You used to be everywhere.
You followed us to the tv,
to the kitchen and to our rooms.
I guess that's what's gonna take longer then,
to realise that now you won't be protecting us in our den.

We are in the living room in silence,
but i can easily picture you upstairs on the couch,
sensing that we are calling you,
and coming down the stairs.

To no avail.
You may no longer be coming to where we are,
but one day
we will follow you to wherever you are.

This wasn't meant to be a poem in anyway. I just started to write to dedicate it to you, Rocco. You were a wonderful dog and will forever be missed.