Get to know the people I share my crazy stories with.


I really love drawing and almost every kind of art. I play the piano since four years. I believe in true love. I'm hopeless romantic and I fall in love with fictional characters everyday. Books are my first love. Also I want to travel the world someday.

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Messy but cute.
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What many People surprises is that I am actually really good at maths.


Of all my friends I would call Ellie my very best friend. She's super clumsy and lovely and she knows me better than anyone else. She loves to write her own storys. Also she is really smart and sometimes she mutates to a little stalker if she likes someone. She loves nature and falls in love very easily.

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She is super organized all of the time and plays the piano pretty well.
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If she could she would save all the plants.
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Noones laughter is more infectious than Lucie's. She is probably the cool one that every boy wants. Lucie knows how to party and sings pretty well.

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Who doesn't love Food?


Her heart is the biggest and i know nobody else caring more about her friends than her. She plays the violin and loves the pretty little things. Her favourite subject in school is french. Also she likes to bake and cook.

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Nothing better than cookies & milk.
Image by Mukabatii
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If you first see Julie you see a pretty girl but if you know her better you know she's actually pretty taff. Sport is an absolutely must for her, she prefers skiing the most (but she's good at almost every sport). She's happily in love with her boyfriend Jimmy.

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A sky fulll of stars and he was looking at her.
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Claire is the typical girly-girl: she is totaly into fashion and knows what boys like. She can't without her cup of coffee and is a big dog-lover.

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BUT first coffee.
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Lilly is the kind of person you can call at 3 a.m. and is in 15 minutes next to you asking what dumb thing we are going to do this night. She's the crazy one, very creative and loves festivals.

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Mind full of creativity.
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Yes, we are silly.