A: Age: 18 years

B: Best movie: Too many... but Disney forever

C: Current time: 9.18 pm

D: Drink I last had: Fanta

E: Everyday starts with: Desperation to get up

F: Favorite song: at the moment "Barking" by Ramz and almost every Song from Shawn Mendes the Album

G: Grossest memory: Idk :/

H: Height: 1,70m

I: In love with: my bed and Pizza

K: Killed someone?: Not yet

L: Last time I cried: yesterday , when I watched Vampire Diaries (episode in which Jenna died)

M: Middle name: I have no one

N: Number of siblings: one younger brother

O: One wish: stay healthy and become happy and successful in the future

P: Person you last called/texted: a Kumpel (idk whats in englisch but Pal?)

Q: Question you're always asked: why are you always late?

R: Reason to smile: memories

S: Song last sang: "This is me" by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

T: Time you woke up: 6.30 am.

U: Underwear color: black

V: Vacation places: Barcelona, Spain :D 3 weeks this summer

W: Worst habit: always late, biting the skin around my nails when I´m nervous

X: X-rays you've had: some, I´m a liiiiitle bit clumsy

Y: Your favorite food: Lasagne, Burger, Pizza, Pasta, Pommes

Z: Zodiac sign: gemini

Feel Tagged :**

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