30 Days Writing Challenge: Day 5 - Top 5 Best TV Series You Must See This Summer !! ☀

Hello everyone!
Today I'm gonna write about 5 TV series I've seen lately and that I liked the most. If you don't, this summer you must see them! So let's start!


  • Murderers, milkshakes and Cole Sprouse. These are only some of the reasons that should convince you to see this TV series. It's worth it!
cole sprouse, boy, and smoke image actor, tv show, and riverdale image


  • Okay, I know. A lot of people is talking about this "Paper House" and you have probably seen the trailer to understand why is this TV series so popular, but I swear it's not a wasting of time.
couple, monica y denver, and la casa de papel image la casa de papel image


  • This TV series is not so famous, but I liked the plot and its diversity. But if you don't like TV series without an end, I can't recommend this one to you.
starcrossed and star crossed image pretty little liars, aria, and ezra image


  • The vicissitudes of an economically important family told through an high level of trash. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !!
dynasty, dynasty cast, and nathalie kelley image dynasty, dynasty cast, and nathalie kelley image


  • This is the only thing I'm gonna tell you: to the cast takes part the beautiful Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle!
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There it is, day 5! Thank you so much for spending your time by reading my article, I hope it was worth it and I would be hambled if you'd give a little heart.