Hi, everyone! ♡ Thank you for reading this article. You must be here for some tips for how to become more productive and get that work done. Don't worry, I got you! ☺️

These are some things I do to make myself work harder and achieve the desired goals. So, maybe you can try some of them and maybe they will work for you too. Enjoy!

1. Set goals and checklist. This will help you keep track of things. Also, try to keep a bullet journal or a notebook of some kind to keep everything organized and neat. And is fun to decorate it with small drawings and doodles. ;)

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2. The working space is a very important aspect, at least for me. I don't like a crowded desk or a messy room. I try to keep it clean and organized as much as possible. I can't be productive or work peacefully if everything is in total mess. I try to decorate it to keep me calm and focused.

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3. Go outside. Study at a café, in a park, in the yard, in a library, anywhere you feel more comfortable. I just can't stay in a room all day and study. I will get bored and probably not study anything.

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4. Study with someone! Study with your friends, a family member. Studying in a group might be stressful, but actually it worked just fine for me. :) I learned so much with someone by my side.

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5. If you feel you can't continue studying, just take a break. Listen to music, do some yoga, workout routine. Don't stress. Take it step by step. :)

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These are some tips and tricks I use to keep myself motivated. And don't worry. You will pass! <3

with love, Cris