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c a t e ✌︎
article inspired by cate!
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25. starlight

dark, lights, and vogue image
favorite lyric: "we were 17 and crazy running wild, wild"

24. forever & always

birthday, madison beer, and happy image
favorite lyric: "did i say something way too honest, make you run and hide? like a scared little boy"

23. tied together with a smile

dress, fashion, and model image
favorite lyric: "but he leaves you out like a penny in the rain. oh 'cause it's not his price to pay"

22. all too well

chic, indie, and quotes image
favorite lyric: "time won't fly it's like i'm paralyzed by it, i'd like to be my old self again, but i'm still trying to find it"

21. king of my heart

couple, love, and classy image
favorite lyric: "say you fancy me not fancy stuff"

20. this love

paris, light, and france image
favorite lyric: "in silent screams and wildest dreams, i never dreamed of this"

19. the other side of the door

city, light, and night image
favorite lyric: "when i left i wanted you to chase after me"

18. change

fireworks, gold, and light image
favorite lyric: "they might be bigger but we're faster and never scared"

17. i know places

fashion, fut, and outfits image
favorite lyric: "loose lips sink ships all the damn time"

16. dress

drink, pink, and champagne image
favorite lyric: "my hands are shaking from all this ah ah ah ahh"

15. sad beautiful tragic

champagne, dark, and fashion image
favorite lyric: "kiss me try to fix it, would you just try to listen"

14. jump then fall

pizza, couple, and love image
favorite lyric: "i had time to think it all over, but all i can say is come closer"

13. mean

crown, red, and gold image
favorite lyric: "you, have pointed out my flaws again. as if i don't already see them"

12. haunted (acoustic version)

shoes, fashion, and glitter image
favorite lyric: "i'm wishing he was you instead"

11. dear john

dark, dress, and fashion image
favorite lyric: "the girl in the dress wrote you a song"

10. call it what you want

love, wedding, and couple image
favorite lyric: "but would you run away with me?"

9. the lucky one

theme, Victoria's Secret, and dark image
favorite lyric: "and all the young things line up to take your place"

8. state of grace (acoustic version)

girl image
favorite lyric: "you're my achilles heel"

7. so it goes...

black, dark, and tumblr image
favorite lyric: "i'm so chill but you make me jealous"

6. look what you made me do

girl, alissa violet, and red image
favorite lyric: "honey i rose up from the dead i do it all the time"

5. long live

fireworks and tumblr image
favorite lyric: "tell them how the crowds went wild. tell them how i hope they shine"

4. last kiss

Image by ˙ • ٠ ◈ ℳίى....eva ◈ ٠ • ˙
favorite lyric: "you can plan for a change in weather and time, but i never planned on you changing your mind"

3. you are in love

Image by wendy
favorite lyric: "pauses, then says, "you're my best friend" and you knew what it was, he is in love"

2. enchanted

beauty, woman, and fashion image
favorite lyric: "the playful conversation starts. counter all your quick remarks, like passing notes in secrecy."

1. delicate

fashion, model, and style image
favorite lyric: "handsome, you're a mansion with a view"