I got lots of messages from you guys asking me to make an article about what can be done in Portugal. I know that when people talk about Portugal everybody thinks about beach and good weather, but it's not always like that.

I think that sometimes people judge Portugal just because is a small country, but it's the most beautiful one I've ever seen.

I want to start by showing pictures of some places that are for me the most beautiful in Portugal, then I'll talk about some things that can be done ihere and finally the gastronomy.

Santa Cruz

  • In my opinion the most important place to visit in Santa Cruz is the beach.
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I live near Santa Cruz and I go to school there and trust me, it's a very beautiful place despite the wind.


  • You can also go to the beach, but I strongly advise you to walk in the streets of Ericeira and look at the houses that are so pitoresc. If you need to ask for directions don't be afraid because the ericeirenses (name of the people who live in Ericeira) are very friendly.
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The beach that you can see in the image with the girls is called Foz do Lizandro and the one with the stairs is called Ribeira D'Ilhas. Ericeira is a good place to go on vacation and learn how to surf because Tiago Pires, also known as Saca, is a famous surfer who created a surf school there.


  • You can visit (from left to right) Quinta da Regaleira , Monserrate Palace, Pena Palace, the Moorish Castle and lots of other places.
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If you ever visit Sintra you will find lots of palaces, as you can see in the photos. In my opinion, what annoys the most about Sintra is never knowing how the weather will be. It may be sunny and in the next minute it starts rainning.


  • Algarve is known for the beaches, but there are many other things to see. You can do a route called "Percurso dos 7 Vales Suspensos". It has 11.4 km in total (from Praia do Vale Centianes to Praia da Marinha) and provides amazing landscapes.
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The weather in Algarve is amazing during the summer and the sea water is usually around 17ºC. If you like to go on vacation to the beach, you should visit Algarve.


  • The most famous tourist spot in Évora is undoubtetly the Roman Temple but I think that if you ever visit this city, you should go to the Bones's Chapel as well.
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Although I went through Évora when I went to Spain years ago, I've never visited this city, but I'm trying to convince my parents to do it this summer.


  • This is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can visit the Clérigos Tower, Lello (a famous bookstore) and Estádio do Dragão (name of the Porto's football team stadium)
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Porto is one my favourite places in Portugal and when I get that chance, I want to live there. There's so much to see that I can't say everything. Visit Porto and find on your own, you'll really like it.


  • I've got the same problem with Lisbon. It is such a beautiful city that I can't put photos of all the tourist spots. I don't know where to start.You can visit St Jorge's Castle , the Jerónimos Monastery, MAAT (the art museum in the 3rd photo) and if you never did it, you should try Pasteis de Belem.
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Lisbon is the biggest city in Portugal and is probably the one with more history. Obviously, being the capital, it's also the most visited city. I love Lisbon and if I can't get into college in Porto, I'm definitely going to Lisbon.


  • Nazaré is known for its gigantic waves. Garrett McNamara, a famous surfer, even caught the giant wave that is in the 3rd picture and had about 30 meters (I think it's around 100ft).
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Açores (Azores)

  • The archipelago of Azores consists of 9 islands: Santa Maria, Pico, Flores, Corvo, Terceira, Faial, São Jorge, São Miguel and Graciosa.
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My sister went to São Miguel earlier this year and the photos she took are so beautiful. It's definitely on my list of places to visit. In Azores you can even get to see whales and dolphins.

Madeira Island

  • Madeira is visited every year by about one million tourists. The region is known for its wine, landscapes, gastronomy, fauna and flora.
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My aunt, unlike my mother, loves to travel and has already been several times to Madeira Island.

Things that you can do in Portugal

  • Go to Feira da Ladra
Feira da Ladra is a market where you'll find antiques in good quality and second hand things.
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  • Eat Pasteis de Belém
To me "Pastéis de Belém" aren't that special because I've already eaten them several times, but if you ever visit Belém, you should try.
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  • Visit the Oceanarium
You can find the Oceanarium in Lisbon, more specifically in Belém. There are lots of other things to see in Belém.
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  • Visit MAAT
MAAT is the acronym for Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.
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  • Have fun at the Carnival
For me the Torres Vedras carnival is the best in the country. It was named the most Portuguese Carnival in Portugal because, unlike the others, you won't listen to samba and it isn't like in Brazil. At Torres Vedras you can only find masked people having fun.
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  • Rent a bike
There are several places in Portugal (Lisbon, Aveiro, Torres Vedras and Leiria) where you can rent a bike and stroll around the city. I could not find photos in Portugal, so I put the Velib' bikes that exist in Paris because they work the same way.
bikes, girl, and men image paris and bike image
  • Stroll in the tram 28
You have to be careful when you're on tram 28 because there are lots of pickpockets, since it's a place where lots of tourists come together.
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  • Go to LX Factory
It’s a giant atelier full of galleries to discover with traditional restaurants, design shops and even concert halls.
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  • See Lisbon from above
You should go to Santa Justa's Lift and Cristo Rei if you want to see the whole city of Lisbon and take some good pictures of the landscape.
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  • Visit the Castle of Óbidos
The Castle of Óbidos is a well-preserved medieval castle in Leiria. The walls of the Castle completely encircle the town and it's possible to walk the entire perimeter.
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  • Visit the Shrine of Fátima
If you are a religious person, you should consider a visit to the Shrine of Fatima. It was at this place that the Virgin Mary appeared to 3 children several times during the year 1917. Pope Francis was there last year, to celebrate the centenary of the apparition.
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  • Go hiking in Gerês
Gerês National Park is perhaps the most exciting destination for local and international tourists specifically for nature lovers.
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Portuguese Gastronomy

  • Bacalhau (Codfish)
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Pasteis de Bacalhau and Bacalhau com Natas. And no, we don't eat codfish every day.
  • Sardinhas (Sardine)
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The sardine is typical of the Popular Saints, a fete in Lisbon during
  • Cozido à Portuguesa (Portuguese Stew)
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This isn't portuguese stew, but it is similar.
  • Caldo Verde (Green Soup)
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This is the best soup out there, seriously.
  • Francesinha
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This is the kind of food you either love or hate. I hate it.


  • Don't speak Spanish thinking that we are Hispanic. We speak portuguese.
  • Learn some Portuguese words like Olá (hello), Bom dia (good morning), Como está? (how are you?), Quando custa? (How much is it?) and Desculpe (I'm sorry).
  • Don't wear high heels. They're not friends with the Calçada Portuguesa (the sidewalk).
  • Don't eat the appetizers that the waiter brings you if you don't want to pay more. They are not for free.
  • Be careful in the markets. Sometimes merchants take advantage of tourists.

I hope you have enjoyed it and may one day visit this beautiful country. See you next time!

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