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This or That one of my favorite game when I was younger and A great way to get know someone better. I hope you enjoy reading this article!

1. Coffee or Tea ?

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Tea for sure! I like to drink coffee ones in a while too, but I a big tea lover!

2. Paper books or online books?

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Paper Books. One of my favorite smells is the smell of a new book.

3. Dogs or cats ?

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This one is so hard I love all animal the same. But I will say Dogs because I love my own dog so much.

4. Summer or Winter?

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I don't really Like both that much. Here in the Netherlands are Summer almost always ways too warm and Winter are ways to cold. But I like the Summer more because I born in the Summer at the 24rd of June!

5. Vanilla or chocolate?

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Vanilla but I like to eat Chocolate some time too.

6. My birthday or Christmas?

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Chrismas because I love to celebrated it with Family , All the Christmas songs and giving present to my love ones.

7. Flying or Being Invisible?

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Being Invisible.

8. Going out or Staying in?

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Staying in. I'm pretty Lazy and I feel more comfy at home.

9. Drawing or Writing?

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Writing, I love to Write story and Journaling.

10. Fire or Ice?

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Fire, because it's warm. Fire is like anger It become bigger if you feed it.

11. Black and white or Color?

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Color. I like colorful things.

12. Movies or TV shows?

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Movies. I really like to watch movies

13. Samsung or iPhone?

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14. Books or Movies

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Books, because like to make a images of the characters and all the things myself in my head. I also learn a lot of reading books.

15. Introvert or Extrovert

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I'm a introvert.

16. Hugs or Kisses

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Hugs, Hugs are warm and comfy.

17. Spring or Fall

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Spring, Spring is my favorite season. Not to warm not to cold perfect to me. I also love to see the world became new ever new spring. Tree are green again new animal are born. I just really love the spring season!

18. Cake or Pie

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Pie, I love it.

19. Silver or Gold

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20.Dancing or Singing

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Singing. I love to sing. I sound like a sick crow, but still love to sing.

21. Board games or Video games

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Old school board games stay the best!

22. Fruit or Vegetables

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I love both , but I choose Fruit. My favorite are strawberries.

23. Dark chocolate or White chocolate

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Dark Chocolate. I love it pure!

24. Tattoos or Piercings

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25.Pancakes or Waffles

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I really love both. I will choose Pancakes because I like them just a little more.
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This is the end of my article! Thank you for reading! bye bye!