i spend way too much time watching youtube everyday so i know some youtubers thAT I LOVE so why not share with you the ones i think you should watch too

if you already watch these i love you so sO MUCH

1. the dolan twins

they are so funny and always give me good vibes trought their videos or even photos on instagram

grayson dolan and ethan dolan image dolan, ethan, and twins image
current subscribers: 5 million

2. james charles

i know nothing about make up but lately i've been watching james all the time (i'm actually watching him while i write this) and DAMN i love it, he's so talented!

i already knew who he was a few months ago but i never took the time to watch him and now i can stop (kinda extra but you get it)

makeup image james and makeup image
current subscribers: 5 million

3. liza koshy

i think we all love her. she's beautiful and so so funny.

daviddobrik, rptheme, and rpthemes image liza koshy, youtube, and smile image
current subcribers: 14 million

4. alex aiono

tbh i don't watch his videos for a long time but i love his voice so so much and why not love a talented person right?

alex, boy, and guy image alex, boy, and guy image
current subscribers: 5 million

5. alisha marie

we all love a more basic but creative youtuber right? i love her videos and her vlog channel a lot

alisha marie image alisha marie image
current subscribers: 7 million

6. remi ashten

i love her vlog channel so much

hawaii, instagram, and ashten image youtuber, remi ashten, and miss remi ashten image
current subscribers: 2 million

7. dude perfect

yASS! i love these guys and i already spent so much time watching. they're really cool and awesome

ball, panda, and dudeperfect image
current subscribers: 31 million

SO next article is gonna be with some less popular youtubers bc these recommendations sound not helpful bc i feel like everyone already know who these youtubers are

anyways, bye
flower xx