-`ˏ You are made of stardust. ˎ´-
T A L I A ♀️
child, gif, and smile image baby and cute image
gentle dew from heaven, by the water (Hebrew, Australian Aboriginal)
L I L A H ♀️
baby, eyes, and blue image baby, kids, and child image
night (Arabic)
V I C T O R I E ♀️
girl, baby, and dress image Image by 晴 ↀᆺↀ✦ 
conquerer (Latin)
A M A N D A ♀️
baby and cute image baby, kids, and family image
she must be loved (Latin)
V I O L E T♀️
baby, girl, and kids image girl, baby, and kids image
purple (Latin)
K E H L A N I ♀️
children and Dream image Image by A.I.C.H.A
sea and sky (Hawaiian)
J U N E ♀️
kids, baby, and child image flowers, girl, and cute image
month named after goddess Juno (Latin)
S K Y E ♀️♂️
baby, ballet, and dance image cute, girl, and dog image
sky (American)
D I A N A / D I A N E ♀️
baby, eyes, and outfit image cute image
divine (Latin)
A U R O R A ♀️
baby, cute, and sleep image baby, kids, and family image
dawn (Latin)
Y A S M I N E ♀️
baby, cute, and kids image smile, baby, and kid image
jasmine flower (Arabic)
A L A S K A ♀️
baby, cute, and kids image cute, girl, and baby image
great land (Native American)
E M E L I A ♀️
baby, autumn, and child image child, girl, and cute image
rival (Latin)
T I A N A♀️
baby, beauty, and family image girl, kids, and smile image
fairy queen (Slavic)
R O S E♀️
Image by Maria In-Uba kids, child, and blonde image
rose, a flower (Latin)
M A I A / M A Y A ♀️
baby, cute, and pink image girl, baby, and outfit image
mother (Greek)
K I N G S T O N ♂️
baby, cute, and sleep image baby, smile, and child image
king's town (English)
R O M E O ♂️
beach, cute, and boy image fashion, baby, and style image
pilgrim to Rome (Italic)
A L E C ♂️
baby and cute image Image by Nique
defending men (Greek)
J A C E ♂️
baby, family, and child image baby image
the Lord is salvation (Hebrew)
M I L O ♂️
baby and kids image baby, eyes, and child image
soldier or merciful (Latin, old German)
E D E N ♂️
baby, future, and pregnant image baby, family, and twins image
place of pleasure, delight (Hebrew)
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