So I currently have a ton of songs I enjoy listening to but here are 10 songs I suggest you listen to...

1. Jeremy Zucker // all the kids are depressed

It gives such a chill vibe and in a way provides comfort by showing you aren't alone.

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2. Shawn Mendes // Fallin' all in you

This song is perfect for those in love and are happy about it.

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3. Lauv // Never Not

There isn't a song by Lauv that I haven't liked or related to but this song just hits me hard. I have had this song on repeat for a few days already. It's about a love that you will never forget or a person who will always be a part of you.

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4. The 1975 // Robbers

What's there to say? The 1975 is an amazinggg band and their music is sooo good.

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5. Bleachers // Rollercoaster

When I listen to this song, I imagine myself on a road trip or on some adrenaline-pumped adventure. This song is also a song to dance to in the early hours of the morning

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6. Maggie Lindemann // Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes remix)

I like the lyrics of this song as it portrays that a girl is more than just a pretty face or a rumor but so much more.

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7. Lauv // Breathe

This song was kind of my theme song when I was getting out of a relationship with my first love. It talks about how the person is your home and how you love him/her but you need to take a step back, breathe and take care of yourself.

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8. 5SOS // Want You Back

I just really enjoy singing and dancing to this upbeat song

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9. John Mayer // Stop This Train

The train in this song is our life and how it's moving too fast. I always end up reminiscing when I hear this song.

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10. The 1975 // fallingforyou

Don't you see me? I think I'm falling for you. Hay this song, right in the feels.

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