our love had the taste of coffee beans coated in chocolate - sweet but with a bitter aftertaste.
with your hands wrapped around my neck, your fingers playfully brushing through my hair, our noses touching, i could feel your breath on my lips. sometimes it was hot and lustful and sometimes it was just like a fresh spring breeze. innocent. and when our lips finally connected, it felt like coming home.
you made me feel all the different facets of love. you made me feel the hot sensation of naked skin colliding, the tingling excitement and the raw unprotected versions of ourselves. you got to see me at my most vulnerable moments and so did i.

i remember thinking that i got this right.
"this is where i wanna be, this is where i belong."

you were the one.

and even after it all went downhill, after all the endless fights in the middle of the night, after spending countless nights sleeping on our sofa, after glasses shattering and tears streaming down our cheeks, when there was nothing left to save, i still couldn't let go. you were still the one and not even the rumors or the lies or your bitchass attitude could change that. you burned your mark right into the flesh of my heart and when you were gone, the mark wouldn't leave like you did.

i'm miserable.

i saw you today. sitting at our favourite spot in our favourite café. but i guess it isn't our favourite café anymore. there is no us. there is just you and me as individuals, taking different paths because in the end we just didn't belong together.
why does it not feel like that though? why does it feel like i lost a piece of myself when you left?
you looked happy. the sun kissed your skin, just like i used to, and made your hair look like golden silk threads.

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you don't miss me like i miss you.
you look happy.
and i'm just a memory you're trying to forget.