So I figured life is always full of unexpected things. Bad things happen to everyone, we are sorrounded by negative thoughts and expiriences. In my life now I am usually full of negative ideas around me, because of the enviorment and it poisons my life making me think there is nothing to be happy about.

Then again it is such a human trait to sometimes forget how wonderful it is to be alive.

This article is dedicated to those things that make us be greatful of living.

°Sunsets and Sunrises

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Every sunrise is a day full of memories and expiriences coming ahead and sunsets are the ending of a chapter in your life. Not only they are the begining and the end but they are both beautiful.


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How can we get happy because of music? It was made from us, the words of each songs is the life of an individual who gets every expirience we go through.


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70% of our planet is water. The ocean is probably one of the most powerful things in the world. It is so beautiful and poetic and so peaceful at the same time. We would die without the ocean.


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In my opinion flowers just give the colors. They are the ones that show all the colors of a landescape. They are so delicate and cute and they just need to make you feel something.


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The feeling is full on euphoria. It doesn't even have to come from your boyfriend or girlfriend. It can come from friends