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So let's start! :)

Name and age

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My name would be Ella and I would be 17 years old (born on february 19th 2001).


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One small tattoo, thin body, long and brown hair and brown eyes.


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Sweet and shy. Very "down on Earth", loves to travel and would do anything for the people I loves (and my pets).


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The 70's and 80's style.

Where would I live?

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In USA, in a apartment with my father and littlesister.

Would I have any animal/pet?

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Yes, two dogs and one cat.


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I would be a student right now, but I would work at Starbucks. In the future I would like to become something with science.

What would I love?

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Disney, my boyfriend, my pets, to travel, to smile, and most of all: My littlesister.

Would I have a boyfriend?

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Yes. I would actually have a "secret" relationship to Shawn Mendes. Yes, you heard me right. I would be in a relationship with him, but have only been for a few weeks and we have not told anyone yet.

So that's it! I hope you liked it and thank you for reading!
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